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Person-Centered Practice

Attorney JC Elgin is an experienced tax resolution attorney, helping clients with IRS and State tax issues. Attorney Elgin is admitted to the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C. and can handle all phases of IRS tax issues.

Attorney Elgin also practices probate, estate, and elder law throughout North Central Ohio. What differentiates his practice is the commitment to person-centered legal service. Whether the focus is on helping a loved one with diminished capacity or planning your estate plan, we focus on the people involved in the matter. The dignity of every individual is so critical in stage-of-life planning. You need an attorney who knows the law and will be there for you and your family.

Tax Law Focus

Attorney Elgin is experienced in working with the IRS and State tax departments to resolve a variety of tax law issues. For tax debts from $10,000 to over $1,000,000, an experienced tax attorney can ensure you’re getting the best deal for your situation. The IRS does not have to give you the best deal for you — their job is to collect as much revenue as they can. A tax attorney can examine your unique situation and advise the best resolution option for your situation.

“Elder Law” Focus

“Elder Law” is the legal concentration that advocates for the needs of individuals related to aging. This includes estate planning, accessing benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid, and managing times when an individual’s capacity is diminished (for example, due to short or long-term illness or injury).
Aging is not a disability and does not deny an individual their basic human rights and autonomy. Our philosophy focuses on the needs of the individual, informed by their wants and desires to the fullest extent that they can express those interests. We believe this is the only way to serve the aging individual with dignity, respect, and consistent with the autonomy we would want in their situation.

We follow the Golden Rule… treat the adult the way we want to be treated when we’re in their shoes.

We say “when” because, unlike certain disabilities or life circumstances, we will all age and many of us will someday be in a position where a loved one is making decisions for us. We try to keep that focus in every decision we make, guided by our intuition and compass, to respect the dignity of every individual.

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