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Bankruptcy is an orderly, court-supervised procedure in which the debts an individual or business has incurred are either renegotiated, partially paid or discharged. Many individual debtors qualify for bankruptcy protection without giving up any assets. Some debts, like student loans, are generally  not dischargeable. The information below outlines the process, but you will want to discuss your particular situation with a bankruptcy attorney in order to determine whether bankruptcy is the appropriate relief for your situation.

Types of Bankruptcy

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If you are considering bankruptcy protection, attorney Jonathon "JC" Elgin can provide you with more information and an analysis of your financial situation so that you can determine whether bankruptcy protection is the right option for your situation. The consultation is free with no obligation. 

Will I get to keep my stuff?

Many assets can be protected in bankruptcy using state law exemptions. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you in evaluating your assets and determining what exemptions are applicable to your given situation.