Estate Administration

The loss of a loved one is stressful enough. Combine that with the process of winding up their affairs and distributing their assets and the process is a nightmare. Attorney Elgin assists families in navigating the probate process and closing out your loved one’s estate. The probate court has strict deadlines and forms for nearly everything — an experienced probate attorney can help you navigate the process and protect your rights.

Where do I begin in terms of their estate?

After a loved one has died, you should first take any steps to secure their property. This may mean making sure the house is secure, cars are locked, and the bank is notified that they’ve passed. After that, you should attempt to locate any legal papers, such as a will, they may have had prepared. Next you should schedule an appointment with an estate administration attorney to help start the legal process of winding up the person’s affairs.

Types of Estates in Ohio

Ohio has a few options for administration, depending on the size of the estate. First, there is a “regular” or “full” estate administration. This is the default estate in Ohio and applies whether or not the individual had a will. If the probate assets are relatively low, you may be able to do a “Release from Administration” with is an abbreviated procedure to wrap up the final affairs. If the estate is very small, summary release may be available.

If the decedent did some estate planning prior to death, the estate may not have to go through probate. There are still steps that have to be completed, however. Affidavits of death may need filed, property may need retitled, and accounts may need closed.

We’re here to help. Attorney Elgin handles estate administration throughout North Central Ohio.

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